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What you need
A Wi-Fi (802.11b) enabled laptop o PDA Wi-Fi network set up
In addition to setting up your Wi-Fi card as per manufacturer instructions, please follow these steps:
1) Select the network name “MeginetWiFi” or the network name of Meginet’s Wi-Fi roaming partner.
2) Verify that the IP address is being dynamically set by the DHCP
3) Set the configuration parameters as indicated:
-”Network Type”: Infrastructure.
-”Network Security Type”: None.

First Use
In a HotSpot Meginet Wi-Fi, open your Web browser. The access Portal will automatically be displayed: enter UserID and Password and press Login button.
To Refill your profil
In a HotSpot Meginet Wi-Fi, click on Refill, enter UserID, CardID and PIN or pay on line with your credit card


- To guaranty a maximum use of the credit, we recommend to click on the logoff button located on the home page when navigation is completed, otherwise 3 minutes after disconnecting from the wireless network the system will automatically close the session.
- Each recharge accumulates on your account.
- After 90 days of inactivity from the user and no credit remaining, the system will automatically cancel the user profile.
- After 180 days of inactivity from the user, even with remaining credit the system will automatically cancel the user profile.

- Card ID and PIN are the codes present on the cards and can only be used for the refill of a registered user account.
- User ID and Password are printed on the token
- Consent to the Pop-Up menu of site, as at every connection to the system a pop-up windows will open which indicates access time utilized and has a Log Off function.

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